This list is to name and shame translation agencies bringing the livelihood of professional translators seriously in difficult through direct participation in aggressive price dumping and undermining the professionalism and quality standards of the Western translation industry. 
Aggressive price dumping is asking or accepting rates that are far below the Lowes European Standard Rate (LESR):  0.07 EUR (0.085 USD) per source word
Company Name Webutation Country Website Rate in USD "Textborker" decides on final pricing after delivery of translation! Germany Yes, contact details, no legal mentions


Cosmic Global Limited   India Yes, with address, no legal mentions 0.03 
Feenix Language   India Yes, with address, no legal mentions 0.02
Language Met blacklisted Pakistan Yes, with address, no legal mentions 0.02
Powerfultrans   USA Yes, no address/legal mentions 0.04
Gotranslang   France Yes, with address, no legal mentions 0.04
ANSH   India Yes, no legal mentions; translators' portal (linguist to business - L2B), providing excl. for translation agencies (TA) 0.04
BIGTRANSWORK blacklisted ? No legal mentions; no contact details on website 0.04

Linguist Site /

"Linguist Group"

(asks translotors patent translations Engl > Germ. for 0.03 USD! Translators are being approchoed by pseudo surnames (no family names) of "project manager" workin "on behalf of" Names: "Akaia Suzuki" (Japan), "Hanaa Al Henawy" (Palestine), Website created 2014 Ramallah (Palestine) and Tokyo (Japan) No legal mentions, limited contact details (no street names for both offices (if any), flexible phone number for Palestine only  0.03
Big Transwork / Bigtranswork / Omnilingua (Uses Google translation for ordinary 'proofreading jobs'. Pseudo used: Daniel Brandt. Document sent from Omnilingua (Language Scool in Italy, Rome, Direct Client VW Audi, VW Audi may not know that Omnilingua has subcontracted the job to an untracable and not registered company. (date 24 sept. 2014) ?

No legal mentions; no contact details on website

Address indicated on Website not tracable.

If you have any translation agencies paying less than 0.05 USD to their translators, please let me know.
Translators working for the above mentioned 'agencies' are not allowed to register them on the Artec Blacklist, in case they default on payments.
E-mail correspondance with ANSH, revealing the attitudes of low-cost translation agencies based in the Middle East.
(c) Frank MÖRSCHNER 2013, updated Septembre 2014