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If you are a translator and you wish to put a non-paying translation agency on this list, please send me an e-mail with your contact details, the details of the job and other useful information. Translators accepting rates below 0.05USD/word in providing translations in major European languages cannot be taken onto this black list. At such a low rate, they work at their own risk.


If you are a company on this list and wish to be removed after having paid the translators, please contact me.


Please remember, it is the responsibility of each translation agency or customer to ensure that the linguists meet their expectations and quality standards. It is the responsibility of the translation agency or customer to check references, qualifications or have some tests prior to issuing an order. If this is not the case, the company (translation agency or customer) exposes itself to the risk of low quality translations that cannot be used. The translation agency or customer cannot afterwards decline payment on the grounds of insufficient quality, as it tacitly accepted this risk.


Many translation agencies deliberately give orders to linguists, knowing about the risk, that they would or could not meet the quality standards, and hoping in this way, to cut again on the originally agreed price with the linguists, that in most cases is already extremely low.


The Lowest European Standard Rate (LESR) is 0.07 EUR/source word

To fight back the continuous dumping of translation rates, I am currently drawing up a list of translation agencies in Europe that pay rates below the lowest European standard rate (LESR) that is below 0.07 EUR or 0.085 USD per source word).


Have your name as translator put on the published documents that you have translated

Please remember to ask direct clients to put your name in the published documents that you have translated! They will gladly do so and it is their legal obligation. That helps to increase your visibility, to get out of your anonymity and to find other direct clients via the Internet or via your translated documents that have been published.


Translation agencies, of course, will refuse this, as this would allow end clients to work directly with you the next time (if they liked your translation) and this would ruin business of the translation agency in the long run. End clients, however, would greatly benefit from the direct contact with you, as they would have someone to assure a coherent and continuous good quality standard, they would pay less (no hidden agency fees)...



Keys: blame and shame, poor payers, scamers, fraudsters


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